There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 8 comments

Being from a parenting magazine, you were probably expecting me to be blogging about Postnatal urinary incontinence - but no... I'm just talking about laughing! (or 'PMSL' as its commonly abbreviated)


 Which brings me to the 'You Made Me Laugh Today Blog Award'

And I am awarding it to three posts that made me chuckle... in fact *red faced* the only three posts
I've actually read this week, and that was only via seeing tweets that caught my eye in my hours of chucklelessness (It's deadline, I don't have time to be messing around on the computer... work work work!)

So without further ado... druuuuuuuuuums please.... (oh no, now I've just put DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince in my own head!)


Obviously it's Heather from Notes from Lapland with her Supermarket Sex Toys post 

She starts off: 
There is very little you can't buy in a well stocked Finnish supermarket.  Bread, milk, rifles, fishing nets, bullets, porn magazines, sex toys...
Wait, back up there a minute.
Sex toys?...
... and continues into envisaging a not so straight forward checkout! 

Me, I won't even go to the shop across the road for just a toilet roll cause it's obvious I need a poo and have run out... so supermarket sex toys... erm no!

I would also like to offer this award to everyone who commented on the post, the comments were all as equally amusing - so go on, place this award in your sidebar and wear it with pride!!!


Sally at Who's the Mummy? With her 'You Know You're a Bad Mummy When....'

With her short but very funny post on Thursday: have this conversation with your four-year-old on the way home from school:

“Was it meatballs for lunch today, Flea?”
Flea: “No.”
Me: “Lasagne?”
Flea: “No.”
Me: “Spaghetti Bolognese?”
Flea: “No. It was chicken pie and carrots.”
Me:Well, what’s this big red splodge on your jumper then?”
Flea: “Oh, that. That’s from Monday.”




Crystal Jigsaw with her 'My First VLOG'

I don't think it was meant to be funny - but she deserves this award for:

a/ the 'wink'
b/ her runny nose
c/ sheeps arses!

ps.. I expect the birth of my new award to be placed on your blogs and do the rounds... it's free for anyone to steal! 

Have you read a funny post this week? Will you do me a favour and share it below... just so when my deadline is over I can have a read - and catch up on funny people I should really be following!!....


8 Responses so far.

  1. GREAT IDEA for an award :-D and I'm glad I headed here because I'd missed one of those blog posts (not been near my G-Reader for two days - study deadlines here!!) so thank you for the heads-up.

    Everyone should have a little bit of funny in their day :)

    PS - just so you know - the word verification for this post was "knobals" - how apt ;-)

  2. Lovely! I hope to make you laugh one day...just not over my Dance Off choreography! ;)

  3. Heather says:

    oh fabulous! thank you! always good to know i cause a bit of incontinence ;) The other two posts were brilliantly chosen, loved these two this week!

  4. Oh no... Do I have word verification???

    (After reading Heathers best post earlier?!) lol...

    hmmm... will have to look into that!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I am so honoured to receive this. A lovely surprised when I switched on the pc this morning.

    I shall display my award with pride.

    Love and best wishes, CJ xx

  6. I loved your Vlog!
    Make sure you do many more :)

  7. thanks for sharing those - will definitely go read about finnish sex toys in supermarkets.

    Not sure if you'll find my post this week about doing whale impersonations live on air amusing but here it is

  8. Ah thanks! I'll be reading up on all that are left here on Sunday night! :) xx