There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 6 comments

Thanks to Slummy Single Mummy who tagged me in this meme. I've noticed a few of them doing the rounds in different shapes and forms... naming songs, posting pictures etc and this one had a simple feel good stuff angle. 
So keeping it that way, here's a list of stuff (20 to be exact) that get my feel good chemicals all funky ... see end for tags
(In no particular order... my brain works that way!) 

1/ Catching my children giggling and belly laughing and watching how happy they are.
2/ Being in Love
3/ A nice cold pint outside on a summers day (or 2 or 3....!!)
4/ The smell of cut grass (I told you it wasn't in order!) 
5/ Stepping off the plane and taking in that first breath of summer holiday air
6/ Me, hubby + kids bringing duvets down and watching a family movie with pizza and munchies! (fave --->)
7/ Mulled wine + roasted chestnuts on bonfire night (that's twice I've
mentioned alcohol lol!) 
8/ Lighting candles at night when the house is spotlessly clean (Doesn't happen that often, that's why it makes me feel good... yeah, I'm on about the clean bit not the lighting candles!)
<--- More like last month!
9/ Listening to my favourite music and dancing/singing in the front room when no one else is around
10/ The smell of drying washing on the clothes maiden/airer
11/ Finding a tenner in your pocket!
12/ Going for a long run, especially on a summers night 
13/ Surprises (Giving and receiving)
14/ Smells that remind you of being a kid (ie Play-Doh!)
15/ Doing stuff for/helping other people 
16/ Booking a holiday
17/ Unplanned days/nights with friends
18/ Laughing so hard you nearly wee! 
19/ Open Mic Jamming!!! (When friends are round, out come the guitars and the lyrics are spat! Many a top Jam has been created la la la la!
20/ Saved this one till last... an early morning walk in the countryside with hubby xxx (yes.. as seen on Facebook lol!)
So there you go... they just literally came out one after the other, there are probably ones that make me feel far happier but hey ho! They must mean something! 
Now not having much time to blog much, I don't know who to tag really as most of you have probably already had this one... So I'm going to add a little twist to it... name your top 20 Shiny Happy Feely Good stuff and post a video clip of one of your favourite kids TV programmes that brings you happy memories from when you were younger, tag yourself in it (tweet me @flyingstartmag when you've done it) and link it back to me :)
Hope that works! + I am going to try and find more time other than once a week on a Sunday to blog spot! In the meantime, I'm tagging a few of you who's blogs I keep up with...

So here's my feel good happy TV memory :) 
(and just in case anything goes wrong with the video - here's the YouTube link

So whats Kids TV show makes you smile after all the years?

6 Responses so far.

  1. WADs says:

    hahaha Fraggle Rock! Brings back memories! love it! :)

    Thanks for tagging me x

  2. 20??? Bloody 20???

    *gives up all hope of a day off on Friday*

    :-D Thanks for tagging me x

  3. oh... hang on... quick re-read... Just a TV programme? hhmm *muses* That's a bit easier :D

  4. Nickie... for all your whinging... I want 21 from you lol!

  5. I still imagine doozers live in my garden. Thanks for the happy thoughts...I'd better get writing

  6. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree about that smell and feel of holiday air when stepping off the plane. Seems like a long time ago for me however, but you never forget.

    Thanks for the tag. Apologies for the delay in acknowledging it.

    CJ xx