There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 2 comments

One thing our kids can't say is that there is ever a dull moment about... with Mick being away at work most of the week, weekends are always jam packed with something or other, even if it is a load of nothing much particular... it is always fun nothing much particular!

What I am going to write about will probably get me into some kind of trouble no doubt. But hey ho...

... and if you are some animal cruelty activist, go take your rant else where...  It wasn't me, it was my hubby, who may I add you can meet in my chubby bunny eating post!! (eating marshmallows not bunnies) So go take it up with him!

So it was a few weeks ago, we had been for an early morning trip to the garden centre to buy a bird table (random) and decided to stop off at Huntley's to purchase some live Lobster. (even more random)

Mick, being the alpha male kind he is, has always fancied this as he loves his seafood.
Me on the other hand.. well put it this way, when Mick popped off to the supermarket to get me some chicken breast (I wasn't going to be eating Lobster after I'd met them - have you seen how ugly they are? I mean, would you eat a spider?) Where was I?... oh yeah, Mick at the supermarket buying me chicken, I got Mr and Mrs Pinchy out of the plastic tub to play with them. I was half tempted to set them free, "run for your lives little lobsters... run!" but the garden pond would have probably been a more traumatic death than the one that was about to greet them.

If you are going to try this at home, do me a favour...
1/ Use your noggin (unlike us). Being the smallest lobsters in the tank at the shop made them appear smaller than they actually were... a £15 pan set from Asda is not sufficient!
2/ Be careful! I am not being held responsible for any animal attacks, scoldings etc etc that may arise from boiling live animals after reading this blog!

The lobster turned out very nice. (Only takes 15 mins to boil) I didn't try any though... I ate Lobster in Bahrain last year and wasn't particularly keen then, so I stuck to my chicken stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and cream cheese wrapped in bacon!
I was however very impressed with both my children (Jake + Emma, nearly 12 + 9) who both got stuck in!

Oh and pleeeeease note - we are in the middle (still) of a kitchen extension/conservatory build, so excuse the plaster off the walls/bare bricks behind the cooker and dust etc etc!!

Enough rambling - here's the vid of how NOT to boil Lobster!!! (check out Gordon Ramsay or someone who knows what they are actually doing - as we should have done!)

(Just in case that doesn't work - here's the YouTube Link!)

Would you have eaten Mr and Mrs Pinchy? Or gone for the Chicken a la everything yummy?

.... One last thing...
Who should I tag in my Kill it, Cook it, Eat it meme?? lol Only joking!!!! :) xx

2 Responses so far.

  1. Goodness me, you are very brave! And next time you do it can I come around because I love lobster. A former boss used to buy and liberate lobsters when she went on holiday; I won't forward her the link to this!

  2. Thanks - appreciate that!!
    Yes sure you can have an invite.. but next time, we are shooting rabbit/pheasant at dusk and dawn with farmers permission!! (I'm actually being serious - it's all organised!!)
    Might be slightly messier than Lobster!!! haha x