There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 10 comments

I was sat at my computer last Thursday night when the kids were in bed, as you do, when Tweet deck popped up a few messages about a Disney Dance-off.. well anyone who knows me knows I love a good dance off...
I am more of a 'pop it, lock it, polka dot it, Hoedown Throwdown' kinda gal, (but that's a different vlog altogether tee hee) so learning to dance like a Disney Princess is really not my thang... I am far from 'delicate'.
But... I happened to have had a few glasses of wine last Thursday and before you know it, Tuesday night was my deadline for uploading my dance off!

Liz at Living with Kids started it all off in this post following Disney's creation of the Disney Princess Dance, supported by the British Dance Council, to encourage youngsters across the UK to get active.

Anyway... surprise surprise Karin at Cafebebe along with Pippa at A Mothers Ramblings were the first to jump in there with comments starting this vlog dance off.

This is no word of a lie, the weekend was hectic, I didn't practice once.. or even watch the 'learn how to video', we've been watching England play Table Tennis at Preston Guild Hall tonight and only got home at 9.30pm, so it was literally, watch the video once, Jake as camera man using the mobile and with my own Princess Emma as my dance partner - I recon we completely pulled it off... WINGED IT!

Ps.. Do I get extra points for singing?? 

So here it is!....

(If today wasn't such a rush, I would have dressed up - that was our plan... but unfortunately I was just in my scruffs n jeans!)

Anyway - as I said, when you talk Disney n stuff, I'm more of a Hannah Montanna kinda gal, so I am starting my own dance off vlog competition and I want lots of you to join in pretty please...

Here it is:

We'll do it at the end of the month - takes a little bit more time to learn! and I'm sure your kids (if old enough) will give you a little help! In fact many of you probably already know it step by step!!

So who's in?....

10 Responses so far.

  1. How very lovely! :) You two are a great pair...I'm sure Disney would be very proud...

    Well done on such little practise! ;)

  2. Absolutely brilliant - I love the way you danced together - your daughter is a natural!

  3. Karin - thanks!! A little bit of practice and we'd be knocking Cinderella and snow white off their spots!

    Liz - Ah thanks :) ..... but what about me?!!!! Don't you think I'm a natural too haha

  4. Pippa says:

    Top Ender and I are up for the Hannah dance off! We shan't practice cos we already know all the moves... worryingly for me.

    Oh and fab fab fab Once upon a Dream! Made my clod hopping look dreadful!

  5. I am laughing so hard that George came over to make sure I was OK!!!!!

    If I can work out how the hell to get a video on my blog I'm in!! x

    I've still got to prove to Young and Younger that I am her voice twin!!! ha ha ha ha

  6. Michellep31 says:

    Hey guys that was great! Emma you were better than your mum (don't tell her though) ;-) x

  7. Emma says:

    You were fantastic Manda!! You, Karin & Pippa have brightened up my morning!!
    You & Emma both made fantastic Princess's!! :D

  8. YEY Pippa is in with the Hannah Montanna dance off!

    George's mum... we'll all help you with your vlog I'm sure!!!!

    Cheers Michelle.... yeah but I'm better than you at doing the 'Proud Mary' backing singer dance!!!

    Thanks Emma... I know there was a slight bit of sarcasm in that lol !!! Glad to know we helped brighten up your morning though!!!!


  9. NO. MORE. SINGING. !!!!


    These vids/dances are ace :D I'm glad it's not me choosing a winner.

    I'm up for the Hannah Montanna dance-off though... Can I do it on my own or do I have to involve a child?

  10. Hell This is for the adults!! haha
    Kids are allowed.
    Although my Emma wont do it cause she is 'past' the Hoedown Throwdown, she is Ice Cream Freeze now!!!

    Im just about to upload my pic post!