There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 6 comments

Me, well I think I am the most unorganised mum on the planet... maybe more.. erm.. forgetful.
ie. This is a typical Amanda thing...

Phone call...
Tawny Owl "Manda, where is Emma the coach is waiting to set off to Brownie Camp"
Manda "erm, we are just running a little bit late" (Realises... S*** It's brownie camp this week)
Tawny Owl "We can't wait much longer"
Manda " Ok, I'll drive her up myself, where is it?.." (Manda takes directions and runs upstairs to get Emma out of bed and pack a suitcase!!!)

I am rubbish...

6 Responses so far.

  1. I am one of those anoyingly organised mums. I have spreadsheets for everything down to packing the car to go on holiday camping, to what is needed for a day trip for the backpack. I have a little first aid kit in the car too that I keep stocked.

    I can not help it and it isnt always a good thing, it can really effect day to day life, but it is how I deal with any of the anxieties I have about being a mum.

    With having two children so close together (15 months) it was the only way we got out, if the baby bag was packed. I had a list for that too, but that allowed me to leave the refilling to MadDad.

    Being organised allows me to delegate effectly. I trust MadDad to keep up his end of things too.

    When I have been in hospital he knows what needs doing each day and it gets done and I have to say that I and he has been thankful for my sometimes anal organising nad planning espeically when things have gone wrong.

    I had already done 6 weeks worth of grocery orders on line last year when I was in hospital, so he always knew what was coming and what needed cooking, yes I menu plan too.

    I am aware that people think I am odd when I admit all this, but only my nearest and dearest see this in me, the rest just think it all comes natuarally.

    It doesnt, being an organised mum, really helps me be spontanious. I have a bag in the boot of the car with wet suits and towels in and on good weather days them we go off to the beach and the boys love it.

  2. I am jealous of you! BUT... I am on a mission (which has a bet involved with the hubby) that I can become organised and manage my time better!
    Lets see if it works!!! Watch this space!

  3. JulieB says:

    I always try really, really hard with birthdays. I am great at remembering dates, I know exactly when birthdays are, I have several calendars with them on... Several days in advance I will think about when I have to post the card. And yet, somehow I invariably end up posting it the day after the relevant birthday. It's a mystery to me how I manage it!
    That pretty much sums me up - I'm an organised, disorganised person!

  4. Mummy says:

    I am a mixture of the two. I follow the flylady system and so use my calender for everything, but now and then I still forget something due to bad planning on my part. I have forgotten a birthday party, I have forgotten to send off replies and even to pay in a very large cheque once. But I am getting better. I do have plans for things that i can refer to... now I just need to remember to refer to them more often!

  5. Spiragirl says:

    I am hideously disorganised. Like you, I rarely know what the date is let alone what we are meant to be doing. Some examples:

    1. My eldest son's first school trip in reception, the teacher had to come out to see me with permission slip and pen and get me to sign there and then because I just couldn't remember to sign it and send it back. The poor boy nearly couldn't go.

    2. We bumped into friends one weekend, invited them over for a BBQ, they arrived, we started cooking, next thing I know the phone has rung and my other mates are ringing to arrange lifts for the meal out we were going to that evening.

    The list is endless really. People have come to expect nothing but uselessness from me.

    The stupid thing is though that I love creating new lists and organisation charts and ways to keep ontop of everything, I just can't manage to stick to them!

  6. Becky says:

    Uh disorganised moi?? just a little bit

    We always seem to be going back into the house to grab something essential.

    I forget half of what I went shopping for as I never remember a list - even if I've written one I forget to take it.

    I once forgot my mate was going to a funeral and someone else needed to pick up my daughter from school. Embarrassing phone call from school and I had to rush out of work early.

    I regularily leave my purse at home and have had to borrow money to put fuel in my car.

    Classic this week was drawing up outside my house with daughter after school. It was only when I looked in my rear view mirror that I realised back seat was empty as I hadn't gone to son's nursery on way past... Picked him up before he realised I'd forgotten...