There is nothing better than last nights kebab for breakfast. Or lunch.

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Posted by Me - - 5 comments

This is the 1st time I've 'got round' to joining in with Tara's Gallery posting...

... and this weeks theme is 'UGLY'.

Mould. I found this tucked around the corner of the open fire in our bedroom - euugghhhhh! I think it was once tea or coffee in its former life.... (ahem ahem how embarrassing!)
I am sure it spoke back to me?.... If you look hard enough you can see it's mouth!

But I find the above just as ugly... a CUBE car. They have got to be the UGLIEST cars in existence if you ask me... and I took this pic with my mobile when I was laughing so hard because the old codger driving the beast over-took my husband on the motorway!

I was going to upload a pic of my hubby's Bum Tattoo... but he is sat down watching Manchester United V Bayern Munich so I'll have to save that for another of Tara's Gallery Themes!

5 Responses so far.

  1. eeww mould!!

    and haha at that car... I'm going to hire one for the day and drive to your house in it :D

  2. planb says:

    nah! The ugliest car in the world is the Fiat Multipla (old version). So ugly it used to make me retch... (although mostly for comic effect because it used to make B laugh). Glad to say they're out of production though now...

  3. Oh yeah... those beasts! I may stand corrected!

  4. LOL Thanks Claire!!!!