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Posted by Me - - 4 comments

I saw Mummytips' 'Celebrity Look-alike' the other week, and remembered that I had done this back in 2007 on Facebook.
So I thought - hmm I wonder how much my look-a-likey-ness has changed....
Here goes!

17th April 2007

Ok, so If I'm honest, I didn't know who half of them were back then, and still don't now?!

So, my 2010 look-alike (from this pic taken on our Xmas doo)

That's a pretty pants piccy of me to be honest - but the clearest recent one I could find off facebook!
... and Kelly Brook... in my dreams!

So go on... visit HERE to create your celebrity look-alike!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Since being told that I was a 'dead ringer' for Sally Gunnell (no offence, queen of speed) I don't think I can face another celebrity lookalike!

  2. LOL! Go one.. dare ya! x

  3. Mummy says:

    I was told Reese Witherspoon for mine, that pleased me a lot! I can see you in Michelle Williams now that its been pointed out to me though!